Rybonka – Dim (Home)

Dim (Home) – is a musical and poetic sentimental journey.

An experiment was written in words and music, in which I try to find and show the listeners my own, but also their own paths in real space, memory and imagination.

To participate, take an hour-long walk or drive, or just stay at home.

Think, or discard thoughts altogether.

Even though the poems and songs are arranged in a fixed order, like paving stones, you can try to assemble your own drawing from them and blazing trails that were not there before.

Track list*

*In Ukrainian and Polish, you can read the track list as a poem; the second version is an approximate translation.

  1. Travy
  2. Zeleniiut.
  3. Prokhodzhu povz
  4. Maiak.
  5. Sposterihaiu za morem i
  6. Dumaiu,
  7. Kudy letiat
  8. Krychaiky,
  9. Kudy vid nespokoiu letity ma…
  10. Ju ja.
  11. Pidkazuiut’ dorohu
  12. Evfemizmy.
  13. Vidkryvaiut’ kozhnu
  14. Ranu,
  15. Vkladaiut’ tudy slova slipi.
  16. Po odnomu.
  17. Znaiomo prozvuchyt
  18. Imia.
  19. Kriz tyshu na toi
  20. Holos
  21. Idu po ulamkakh trav, moriv, dumok, ran, imen, shchob staly vony
  22. Tsilymy.

  1. Grasses
  2. are turning green.
  3. I`m passing by the
  4. Lighthouse (Mayak).
  5. I watch the sea and
  6. I`m thinking (Dumaju),
  7. Where are all they flying to, the
  8. Kryczaiky*,
  9. Where do I fly to from worry…
  10. Ing.
  11. They suggest the way,
  12. The euphemisms.
  13. They open every
  14. Wound of mine,
  15. And put blind words into each of them.
  16. One by one.
  17. I hear the familiar sound of
  18. A name.
  19. Through the silence I follow this
  20. Voice.
  21. I walk over fractions of grasses, seas, thoughts, wounds, names, so that they can get
  22. Complete.

* A combination of the Ukrainian words “кричати” (shout) and “чайки” (common name for seagulls).


Idea, music, lyrics – Kseniya Kysylychyn

Vocals, keyboards, harmonica – Kseniya Kysylychyn

Male vocals, bass – Marcin Turbiarz

Recording, mixing, mastering, production – VSG Studio Gdańsk

Arrangement, programming of virtual instruments, guest guitar – Jarosław Turbiarz

As a preview, I present you the eighteenth track from the album Dim (Home), entitled Imia (Name).

I hope this foretaste will whet your appetite for more!

Russia’s criminal war against Ukraine has been ongoing since 2014. On 24.02.2022, Russia launched a bloody invasion of the entire territory of this independent country. We support Ukraine – 25% of the profits from the sale of the album we`ll donate to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.